The Arizona HOPCo Specialty Care Network is the only
URAC-accredited MSK clinically integrated network in the country.

HOPCo Musculoskeletal
Value-Based Care Network

Nobody has more experience in MSK Value-Based Care than HOPCo. Join the hundreds of MSK specialists who are utilizing HOPCo’s proven models and dedicated infrastructure to help them become the MSK Value-Based Care physician champions for their region.

The HOPCo Difference

HOPCo’s comprehensive value-based care platform is MSK physician-led and was built to address the unique challenges and opportunities inherent within MSK specialty care.

HOPCo’s programs are supported by a differentiated Medical Economics team of nationally recognized MSK physicians and payor executive leaders. By participating in HOPCo’s value-based care networks, physicians are able to leverage its medical economics and actuarial teams, operational experts, and analytics infrastructure to gain rapid insights into patient outcomes, help improve clinical performance and unlock unique contracting and savings opportunities.

HOPCo’s platform enables physicians to immediately participate in meaningful value-based care programs in ways that can result in earned quality bonuses and can successfully elevate your practice’s ability to help lead value-based care initiatives in your region.

Are you getting credit for the high quality care you provide?

You should!

Musculoskeletal Value-Based Care Network

HOPCo’s integrated high-value networks have proven to align physicians from diverse practices around quality and value and focus on delivering efficient and cost-effective care with superior outcomes in a manner that has often been deemed elusive for specialty care.

The comprehensive value-based care networks require a robust and integrated infrastructure that is typically well beyond the reach of most physician practices. However, HOPCo’s turnkey platform allows physician practices to rapidly engage in the network while benefiting from actionable and personalized outcomes data to maximize results. The platform rapidly becomes the high-value network into which payors and managed plans wish to plug into to access highly reliable and cost-effective care.

HOPCo’s capabilities and track record of collaborative MSK value-based care network successes have resulted in demonstrable improvements in patient quality outcomes as well as specialty physician alignment and engagement in meaningful value initiatives. These sustainable programs have proven to enable MSK physicians to lead value opportunities to new levels.

Participants in HOPCo’s MSK value-based care networks benefit from enhanced capabilities and efficiencies:

Claims Analytics

Medical Cost-Saving Initiatives

Quality & Compliance Informatics

Provider Performance Analytics

Alignment Around Value

Insurance Trend Analytics

Care Management

Through dedicated Care Managers, HOPCo delivers improved efficiency and effectiveness of the musculoskeletal patient experience and the delivery of value-based care. By providing comprehensive care coordination, the HOPCo Care Management program drives:
  • Seamless care transitions
  • Improved patient and provider education
  • Decreases preventable clinical complications
  • Enhances preventative care and wellness

Meet the Team

HOPCo’s leadership team is led by orthopedic surgeons and MSK expert specialists and utilizes the skills and insights from

recognized subject matter experts with decades of combined experience and expertise.

Rina Vertes, FSA, MAAA

President, Value-Based Care Solutions

Wael Barsoum, MD

President & Chief Transformation Officer

Jason Scalise, MD

Chief Growth Officer

Damon Adamany, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Kalynn Burrows, PA-C

Director of Clinical Care