The Arizona HOPCo Specialty Care Network is the only
URAC-accredited MSK clinically integrated network in the country.

Clinically Integrated Network

Nobody has more experience
in MSK Value-Based Care than HOPCo. Our proven models help physicians be the Value-Based Care champions for their region.

Value Based Care

HOPCo is uniquely qualified to design, deploy, and manage a range of advanced MSK value-based care programs that are led by a differentiated Medical Economics and Healthcare Analytics team of nationally recognized industry and payor executive leaders. We leverage our in-house actuarial teams, operational experts, and analytics infrastructure to develop and manage unique contracting opportunities enabling physician practices to engage in value-based care in ways that can successfully elevate practice sustainability and regional prominence with payors and health systems. Our clinically integrated networks are part of our value-based care programs working to improve the delivery of musculoskeletal care.

Clinically Integrated Network

HOPCo’s clinically integrated platform have proven to align physicians from diverse practices within a region to focus on delivering efficient and cost-effective care in a manner that has often been deemed elusive for specialty care. In this way, incentives are aligned amongst payors, providers and health systems which leads to superior and sustainable results.

A CIN requires a large and integrated infrastructure that is typically well beyond the reach of most physician practices. However, HOPCo’s turnkey platform allows physician practices to rapidly engage and deploy the network with HOPCo’s management expertise to maximize results. The CIN rapidly becomes the high-value network into which payors and managed plans wish to plug into to access the highly reliable and cost-effective care.

As downward pressure on reimbursement continues to increase rapidly, a CIN is one of the few models which allows for revenues to reliably increase as care utilization and delivery are optimized.